My name is Eric Bakker and I have been a professional photographer since my
graduation from the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam in 1986.
Throughout my career, I have been in the fortunate position of working on and contributing to many productions, also as regards the communicative process.

Many of my photographs, mainly commissioned work, have appeared in various
magazines and periodicals.

My work is fairly well-known in and around Rotterdam. Through my lens, I have
offered many people the opportunity to become acquainted with that special
beauty of the manmade landscape which, after all, is Rotterdam’s port and industrial complex. But my working area goes beyond just Rotterdam.

In adition to industry and port, my specializations include advertisement
photography, landscapes and architecture. Furthermore, my love for people takes
centre stage in my portraits and impressions of people at work. After all, man is the measure of all things and plays a central role in everything that goes around us.
Portret photography therefore comprises a substantial part of my portfolio.

My work has been exhibited as well, for example in Las Palmas in Rotterdam and Shanghai.
Two books which include work by me have so far been published (Scriptum Publishers):
– Rotterdam
– Rotterdam discovered (2008)

In addition to Dutch companies and government bodies, leading clients abroad are also increasingly making use of my work for their communications.